The BEST Program is a transitional program designed for students who have met criteria for an emotional disturbance. Students qualify for this program when they cannot cope in a regular education or special education setting and need a smaller classroom with access to sensory and therapeutic resources that a general education school with special education supports cannot provide. Students are diagnosed with an emotional disturbance based upon TN state criteria, have at the minimum four to six weeks of behaviors data showing maladaptive behaviors, and a FBA and BIP that has been implemented with fidelity but has not been successful. Students that attend the program receive individualized instruction on their current instructional level with accommodations and modifications outlined in their current IEP. Students also receive support for independent practice on academic and classroom procedural structures as well as instruction/support for appropriate emotional/behavioral responses to school/social interactions. The overall goal for each student in the program is to successfully transition into a general education classroom with special education supports or equivalent LRE.