ABIC (Elementary)


The Elementary ABIC program is designed to be both punitive and therapeutic. The goal is to foster an environment in which observations may be conducted for future services and programs, as well, rehabilitate continuous undesired behavior. This program is tasked with equipping the student with a skill set that will be used in times of personal crisis. The student will practice breathing techniques, counting to relieve tension, and a positive Growth Mindset. The projected end result is a positive transition back into the Home School classroom. These tools will be implemented at the Home School by the student and regular classroom teacher.


ABIC (Middle School 6-8)


The Middle School ABIC program is designed for those students whose actions restrict them from attending their home school for a period of time, but provide them with a continuing education rather than complete expulsion. students may be placed in ABIC for a period of time of 10 days to a full school year depending on offense. Students are also placed in ABIC for observation when transferring from a residential facility to make the transition to a public school easier.


ABIC (High School)


The High School ABIC program is designed to keep students who have been expelled from failing or getting behind. Students come to us for a wide variety of reasons. The common factor is that they have made mistakes. We get past those mistakes and try to turn a negative situation into something positive!