The CHOICES program is designed to help students who are behind on credits, have medical complications (pregnancy, medical procedure, etc.), or unusual family circumstances. Depending on individual circumstances, students can obtain individual credits for failed courses (credit option) or complete state required courses (diploma option) in order to receive a regular state diploma. CHOICES students are still enrolled in Greene County Schools and are subject to all Greene County School rules. Students only attending a half day must provide documentation indicating classes are being taken at their home high school, Greene Technology Center or copy of work schedule (15 hours/week on a paid job).

Entrance Criteria

1) Student has reached the end of his/her third year or 17 years’ old
2) Currently attending Greene County Schools for a minimum of one term
3) Provide a list of courses needed to graduate
4) Minimum of 14 credits
5) Transcript record attached
6) Discipline record for last two years attached


Students ride the bus unless there are special circumstances where the student is picked up by a designated family member or permission is given by the referring school and the Educational Center for the student to drive. In NO case, will students be allowed to drive/ride with other students.


Drivers must provide:

1) Proof of a valid TN Driver’s License
2) Car Registration
3) Insurance
Students give up the right to attend:
1) Extracurricular School Activities including
a. Junior/Senior Prom
b. Dances
c. Pep Rallies
d. Sports
e. And all other student –only activities

Students are not allowed on the home school’s campus during school hours unless on official business or taking another class. This does not include events open to the general public, such as ballgames.