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School Counseling
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Thomas Howard McNeese Educational Center
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Helpful Links:
Tennessee Promise

Tennessee Promise offers two years of tuition-free community or technical college to Tennessee high school graduates beginning with the Class of 2015. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Use this form to apply for federal and state student grants, work-study, loans, and lottery scholarship. 


· Your SS#
· Your Birthday
· A Valid e-mail address
· A Parent’s SS#
· And Their Birthday

The application can now be filed beginning on OCT. 15. 

Information about the ACT, colleges, financial aid, and calendar of events

Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities. 
TCIDS is an online supercenter that unlocks career and educational opportunities.

All men must register with Selective Service when they turn 18.  By not registering you can miss out on many important opportunities. 
College search by criteria; scholarships; financial aid tips

Free scholarship search

Scholarships and loans; test preparation; calculator for college money

This handbook is filled with scholarships, grants, fee waivers, student loans, and the organizations that offer them.

Everything from careers to college, scholarships, grants (may be blocked at school)

MeritAid matches students with merit-based scholarships that reflect their accomplishments and interests.

4100 careers in the military

Job or career advice; resume builder 
The American Legion, the largest veteran's organization in the US, offers many scholarships.

Comprehensive solution for career planners at all stages of career development.

Scholarship search; applying to college; good internet resources

There’s a better way to find the perfect college.

College search; 2.2 million scholarship search; loan search and financial help

How to prepare yourself for college; price range of colleges

Register for a $2000 scholarship and search for colleges based on academic majors, sports, or location.



Parents and Students:

A friendly reminder to check Senior students home High School webpage weekly for available college scholarships. 



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